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Is self storage right for you?

What benefits does self storage offer individuals looking for more room for their belongings? Find out what makes self storage such an appealing option for many. If you’ve got items cluttering up your household, taking up space and inconveniencing your day to day routine, self storage could be a great solution to your problems. Before you jump to a decision…

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The Top 10 Things People Store

Here are the most common items kept in long term storage. Rather than take up space around the house, secure storage would be a better home for these 10 objects. 1. Antiques For valuables, especially one-of-a-kinds, which will only appreciate in value over time, secure self storage is a better option than leaving them lying about in the home. A…

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Why Environmental Control is Important for Storage

If you’ve ever wondered what environmental control means when choosing a storage option, here are the benefits it provides for the preservation of your belongings If you have furniture, collectibles or other possessions in long term storage, you’ve surely noticed the option for climate or environmental control. Put simply, this means that extra care is put into maintaining a stable…

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