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When you’re running a business, storage rapidly becomes a challenge. Even as businesses increasingly move to digital technologies and records, there is still the need for printed documents and archives. What’s more, businesses often end up with inventory – promotional material or merchandise – that they will need to store for a period of time. No one wants to drain the bank accounts just to store things, and when it comes to cheap storage Sydney businesses have come to rely on Sydney storage for excellent care at a cost-effective price.

  • Individual boxes of 10 cubic meters
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy access to your box
  • Transportation services
  • Easy to book
  • Breathable Wooden Storage
  • Safe storage
  • Convenient location

The services that make us the best cheap storage Sydney businesses have access to

We provide a wide range of self-storage unit sizes and different unit features, including specific need spaces such as ventilated storage space, and direct access units. Regardless of what you need to store and the conditions that it needs to be stored under, we always have a custom-fit solution that fits your budget and your needs. Furthermore, we understand that the length of time that you need to store things can vary greatly. Where some storage solutions lock you in to a lengthy rental, with us you can rent a storage unit for as little as one day or for as long as you want.

We also understand that offering the best cheap storage units Sydney organisations can access means more than just providing an empty space to drop things into. What makes us so popular and well-regarded with our customers is that we can alsooffera range ofuseful additional services, such as packing supplies (cardboard boxes of all sizes, bubble-wrap, etc) to help ensure the security of their assets.

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How businesses use the best cheap storage Sydney has to offer

Organisations need external storage for a wide range of applications. Our customers have used our space for (and continue to use it for):

Cheap storage Sydney
  • – Business continuity: Ensuring that copies of records are kept on a second site away from the main office, in the event that something happens to that office to destroy the records.
  • – Data backup: Because our facility is in a climate controlled area, businesses can leave data tapes and backup harddrives with us, secure in the knowledge that they won’t degrade and can be accessed if necessary.
  • – Inventory storage: Organisations that maintain small amounts of inventory (for example, limited runs of books or other objects) find it far more cost effective to store it with us than held in a commercial warehouse.
  • – Old equipment: Most organisations have a regulatory requirement to keep old equipment with data on it (for example, old laptops and PCs) for a number of years. Rather than have that clutter up the office space, many businesses opt to keep it in storage with us.

You may have a very different reason to seek out the best cheap storage Sydney has to offer. Speak to our friendly and professional team today to discuss how we can accommodate your needs.

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