How to Use Storage to Make Your Big Move Easy

Moving house can be a hugely stressful task, but with the help of a mobile storage unit, you can bypass the most tedious aspects of the move.

Moving homes should be an exciting time of new opportunities and fresh starts, but all too often people associate it with the tedious task of packing and unpacking, and the stress which comes with making sure every possession makes the trip from one home to the next in one piece. Particularly for movers going interstate or overseas, it can be hard to organise safe storage and transportation of goods. That’s why we’ve designed a mobile storage unit system which makes your big move easy, and ensures that all your valued possessions are kept safely in storage until you are ready to unpack them into your new living space.

The most dramatic advantage of using mobile storage units compared to a moving truck can be seen when the owners are downsizing. Maybe it’s a move closer to work, or maybe it’s just because a cosier space is more preferable – but there’s the problem of furniture and space which normally would need to be sorted out before the big day. Otherwise movers are faced with a dilemma if certain furniture items won’t fit into the new place. Rather than go through the tedious process of measuring everything and mapping out floor plans weeks in advance, a mobile storage unit allows the client to keep furniture securely stored until it is ready to be moved into the new home – and if there’s no space for it, it still has a place to stay that’s not the front lawn.

Movers also prefer the convenience and flexibility afforded by mobile storage unit providers compared to moving trucks. A moving truck is likely bound to their own company’s schedule, and so they’ve got to get everything in your home out, then in, then back out again in a hurry. This means that for most people moving home, all the work is condensed into a tight 24-hour period, in which all the furniture needs to be put in the right place, all the appliances need to be set up, and then there’s the electricity, gas and water which needs to be sorted out. Mobile storage units instead operate on your schedule, allowing you to add and take away items as you please – so you can start with just the essentials and then work on redecorating your living space in your own time.

For people moving interstate or overseas, a mobile storage unit is likely the best option. Our units can be delivered safely to your new front door, and are reasonably sized to allow for ease of packing and unpacking. Because the module itself is secured and isn’t ever opened until reaching the destination, you’ll find your goods in exactly the condition you left them in.

We have trucks of different sizes, with two or four modules, so plenty of space for houses big and small. Our team comes to you and handles all aspects of packing, moving and unpacking, so that there is no hassle on your end. Payment plans for storage can be set up based on your requirements, rather than up front. We’re also not bound to delivery routes, so excess goods can be sent to a different location, or straight into a storage unit for easy access at any time. For all these reasons, mobile storage units will be the most efficient way to manage your next move.