Long Term Storage

Looking for Long Term Storage in Sydney?

Cheap Sydney Storage provides great savings on your storage with better service.

We have a perfect storage facility for you to store your belongings as long as you want. Our facility is suitable for household and commercial storage. It doesn’t matter how long you want the storage service for; we will take care of your stuff till the time it is with us.

Why Choose Us for Long Term Storage?

There are two prime features that differs us from others.
The storage is safe and the price is right, as we only charge for the space you use.

Security: Our warehouse is located in a fenced compound, which is under CCTV video surveillance with 24/7 security guard protection. Thus, you can be rest assured of your goods being placed in a secured and well monitored area.
This is what you will never get from other storage companies.

Moreover, we place your belongings in wooden units made out of natural breathable wood to avoid any loss or damage to the goods stored.
Unlike other companies that charge you an extra for such a customized storage, we provide this absolutely FREE!

Price: While other companies provide long term storage service between $100-$140 per month, we have kept our pricing very competitive and provide storage solution at just $89 per month for 10 cubic meter box. Not only this, the price can lower even further with a discount of 5 percent if you choose us to store your belongings for over 6 months. However, if your storage is longer than this, probably 1 year or more, you can straight away give us a call or send us an email; and we can have a best deal for you, much cheaper than this.
Thus, the long term storage can bring you bigger savings with us at Cheap Sydney Storage!

We also sell boxes, tapes and other packing materials needed to ensure that your items are packed safely and securely, which is necessary for moving and storage. Choose us for your long term storage service.

Give us a call or send your inquiries at enquiries@citymove.com.au and we will work out the best quote for you!