Minimising Costs When Living and Working in Sydney

Sydney is known to be one of the most expensive cities in the world to live and work in. Here are some considerations which can help you cut down on your expenses.

If you’ve lived in Sydney for a while, you’ll notice the costs start adding up from the daily, weekly and monthly expenses. For professionals living near the CBD, or for business owners renting office space, it can be hard to make a good return on your investment. As the providers of cheap storage units Sydney residents prefer, we have some suggestions on how storage can be used to reduce costs and ultimately save money, while keeping your living or working environments tidy and secure.

The biggest suggestion we have for Sydney residents is to consider downsizing, whether you are renting a living space or considering purchasing a house or apartment. Many professionals are rarely at home, instead opting to spend most of their time outdoors, socialising or at the gym. For many people, amenities like a guest bedroom, lounge room or expansive kitchen are unnecessary, and can be factored in when looking for a new property.

Another cost to consider is transport. Many of the homes which are closer to the Sydney CBD are smaller, but the amount of time and money saved by cutting out an hour of commute time each day can really add up. Our storage locations are in a variety of convenient locations, and our mobile storage service can even help customers without access to their own vehicle.

For small business owners and franchise holders, property rental costs can also have a drastic effect on your bottom line. Our advice for downsizing applies here too, but it is important to consider the cost benefit of any change to your business operations standards. If the service you are providing is highly dependent on your geographical location, then it is best to carefully consider what moving around might do to your operations.

With regards to cheap storage units Sydney business owners can also benefit by removing the clutter from their office space. Some businesses may need to keep physical records on hand for compliance or auditing purposes, or maybe there is equipment that you want to hold onto but isn’t required constantly. We recommend keeping these goods in long-storage rather than taking up space in your office – this will allow you to free up space for an additional desk, or, if sharing an open office space, to downsize to a smaller floorplan.

When considering cheap storage units Sydney residents might find these to be a better option compared to renting out a larger residential or commercial space. As Sydney continues to grow, we all need to become more accustomed to a more urban way of living – and this might mean cosier spaces and less luxuries or embellishments in our day-to-day routine.