Mobile Storage FAQ

How do I book a storage unit?

To book a Mobile self storage unit with Cheap Sydney Storage, nothing easier. You can either:

  • Call us at 1300 797 771: Call and book a storage unit online with our friendly Moving team.
  • Get a quote online by clicking on booking a storage unit: Simply fill out the fields to receive a personnalised quote based on the number of units you’ll need and your storage lenght.
  • Get a faster quote by calculating your storage space: Use our friendly calculator to estimate the space you’ll need in storage and we will give you a quote even faster!

How much can I store in a Storage Unit?

Our cheap storage units can store up to 10 cubic meters each. To give you an image, it’s the equivalent of about half a garage worth of items. Some items might be too big to fit into a module, for example, if they’re over 3m long or large.
This doesn’t mean that you can’t store with Cheap Sydney Storage! For bigger items, like pianos or pool tables, we’ll help you store your items in a different part of our warehouse.

storage unit size

How can I access my Storage Unit?

To access your storage unit, nothing easier! Simply call us or email us at least 24H before you’d like to access your storage. This will allow or Storage Experts to bring down your module for you to access.

Our warehouse is located in Wolli Creek, which makes it easy to access by train or car.

Accessing your cheap storage unit is FREE. You can access your storage freely as many times as you want. With Cheap Sydney Storage, you won’t be surprised with any hidden fees!

Do I need to buy a padlock? Blankets? Boxes?

With Cheap Sydney Storage, we make your storage experience EASY and STRESS-FREE.

Here are the items you can get FOR FREE:

  • Professional moving blankets
  • No need to buy padlocks because we’ll bring down your module(s) whenever you need access.

Here are the items you can get in our Shop:

I need help moving my items, can you help with removalists?

Cheap Sydney Storage can help you with packing on top of storing your items! Because we use Mobile Storage units, and not self storage units, we can bring your units directly to your house.

Here’s how that works:

  1. We bring your module(s) to you and our professional removalists load your items onto the modules on the truck. If you’re unsure if you need one or two modules, we’ll always bring at least 2 and only charge you for what you need! You won’t be charged more if we bring 2 modules but only end up using one.
  2. We bring your module unit in our warehouse and store your items as long as you need.
  3. Once we need your items back, we can redeliver it for you to your new home.

Do I have to book removalists to book a storage unit?

With Cheap Sydney Storage, the choice is yours. You can book the help of removalists or you can choose to go with self-load and bring your items directly into our warehouse in Wolli Creek, and only pay for storage!

Same once you need to take out your items out of storage.
You don’t need to book the help of removalists if you don’t require it.

How much does storage cost in Sydney?

Our storage prices start at $162 a month for a 10 cubic meters unit (roughly half a garage), however, we always offer deals based on your needs.

We believe in charging you only for what you need. This is why it’s better for your to ask for a storage quote online or call us at 1300 797 771.

You’ll find out that our prices are very competitive depending on the length of your storage and the number of units you’ll need.

We’ll also pricematch any storage quote in Sydney!