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Moving home? Don’t forget to pack your things in the best moving boxes Sydney locals have come to rely on. Without proper packing supplies, that exciting move can quickly become a nightmare, as your precious possessions and treasures become liable for damage and breakage. When you take advantage of Cheap Sydney Storage’s moving supplies online, not only is the effort at finding good packing suppliers made easy, but you can have peace of mind that your home’s possessions are all being looked after.

What should I be buying?

When shopping for moving supplies online you need more than just boxes – you should also make sure you have access to paper, tape, bubble wrap, shrink wrap and blankets. You need to be able to make sure that each box is filled safely, and then properly padded so that fragile things don’t bump against one another and are cushioned if, in the process of moving, they should take a tumble.

When it comes to moving boxes Sydney locals prefer Cheap Sydney Storage because they don’t only get the boxes – they get everything else that they need, too. Whether you prefer to have the boxes delivered right to your doorstep, or you want to pick them up from our facility yourself, we are able to supply you with everything you need to ensure a smooth packing and move process.

The packages that are available include:

Student Pack

20 various size cartons (recycled) 1 Tape 1 Paper
This pack is ideal for individuals, as an economical pack which will comfortably allow you to get your entire studio or dorm room storage ready to move. FREE DELIVERY.


40 various size cartons (recycled) 2 Tape 3 paper
For those that live in an apartment with a couple of rooms and plenty of stuff, the apartment kit has been designed to safely store all the homes books, clothes, appliances, and so on. FREE DELIVERY.

House Pack

70 various size cartons cartons 4 Tape 5 Paper
This “ultimate” pack has the most number of boxes and is for those who need to move an entire house worth of stuff. FREE DELIVERY.

Custom Pack

FREE DELIVERY (Minimum order of Student Pack)
We totally understand if any of the above packs doesn’t quite match your needs - after all, every home is different and therefore your moving needs will also be different from someone else’s. So you can use this option to choose the number of boxes, tape and paper that you require. We still provide FREE DELIVERY though! (Minimum order of Student Pack)

In addition to all this, to make your shopping for moving supplies online as effortless as possible, we also provide blankets on a hire basis! For $50, you will have access to as many blankets as you need to wrap and fill in gaps in your storage boxes.

Moving boxes Sydney
Blanket Wrap

However, in case blankets are still not be enough for your peace of mind, we can provide you with bubble wrap and shrink wrap as well. You can use these to wrap your items tightly, and with enough bubble wrap and shrink wrap for its safety, even the most fragile of your possessions will become indestructible!

Bubble wrap is provided at only $3 a meter.
Moving Supplies Online
Bubble Wrap

Shrink wrap is provided at only $10 for an item.

Shrink Wrap