Self Storage Cost Estimator

Want to know how much storage you need? Use our self storage cost estimator!

So you’ve decided to invest in some storage! Perhaps you’ve got some spare furniture you need packed away… or perhaps you’ve got seasonal decorations you’re not going to need until next year. Perhaps you’re moving and want to take the pressure off getting everything into your new home on day one. Whatever the cause, our self storage cost estimator will help you out!

Simply click on over to our self storage cost estimator to find a comprehensive and detailed breakdown of just about everything that is typically stored at our facilities. Don’t worry if it’s not listed there – you can still store it with us, just select an item from the menu that’s of roughly the same size. Weight isn’t important, as we can store objects of any heaviness – it’s the size of the object that will determine how much storage space you need.

Then, at the end, simply plug in a couple of other details like your email, the date that you’re looking to start storing with us, and the length of time (in months) that you’ll be needing that space and we’ll get back to you with a quote and suggested storage size in super-fast time.

We’ve also got a quick estimation calculation. If you’re looking to store between 0-10 cubic meters you’ll want one unit of storage space. Meanwhile, if you’re looking at 50+ cubic meters, you’ll want 5 (or more) units. Obviously if you’ve got a lot of unusually-shaped objects that can extend the number of units you’ll need to book, but again you can discuss this with our expert team at any time to get more information and guidance.

Our goal is to help you keep your storage costs to a minimum. Our self storage cost estimator is only a guide and the final quote will depend on exactly how well you’re able to pack in the units that you rent (and the length of time you’ll be with us), but with this tool you’ll know almost immediately what approximate budget you’ll be looking at.

If you need any assistance with using our self storage cost estimator tool, don’t hesitate to be in touch with us at 1300797771.