The Strangest 9 Things People Store

Self storage is a great option for anyone who has too many possessions and not enough space. So it’s no surprise that some strange objects find their way to storage.

When providing cheap storage units Sydney residents of all walks of life use, you’re bound to notice some unconventional objects making their way into a secure unit. We don’t try to be judgemental, but we are definitely surprised by the diversity of objects which people store. Don’t be too surprised if you notice something on this list the next time you’re depositing some items into storage.

1. Theatre Props
Sometimes, a storage unit might be filled with the most bizarre combinations of objects – swords, masks, roses, suits of armour and giant backboards depicting some different time or place. The owner isn’t planning an assault on a medieval castle, they’re most likely the director or producer of theatrical productions and storing some of the seasonal props when out of use. Props and especially set pieces can be prohibitively large, so many opt to keep them in long term story until it’s time to put on a show again.

2. Wedding Decorations
Many couples create plenty of memorabilia for their weddings, like customised placemats, suits and dresses, tablecloths, cake stands, sometimes even dinnerware. Rather than discard them after the big day, some people opt to hold onto these items for their sentimental value. With regards to cheap storage units Sydney based clients tend to see their space as a way to retain ownership of possessions but without the physical space they take up. A perfect option for the couple who doesn’t want to let anything go.

3. Typewriters
Keeping a collection of typewriters in storage might seem odd, especially when ignoring the old adage about the thousand monkeys. But most classic typewriters are made extremely sturdy, enough to last decades of use if cared for properly. Many professional writers attest that typewriters simply feel better to use than any digital keyboard, and perhaps one day when technology fails, the typewriter will rise again. The “blurst” of times, indeed.

4. Trading Cards
Did you know that the popular trading card game Magic: The Gathering has over 20000 unique cards? And a collection containing only a single copy of each card, each stacked atop one another, would be over ten metres tall? As with most trading card collections, such a tower would also be worth tens of thousands of dollars thanks to some extremely valuable collectors’ editions from early in the game’s history, so you’re much more likely to find trading cards safely sleeved away in thick binders.

5. World Record Collections
How many rubber ducks, LEGO sets or comic books does a person need to achieve a world record? Well, 5631, 3837 and 101822, respectively. (Source: Guinness World Records) For collectors, space can be an issue, especially when objects have too much sentimental value to discard. So, the next time you spy someone opening up a storage unit which contains nothing but rubber ducks, now you know why.

6. Priceless Artworks
If you can name a famous artwork, chances are it’s locked away in a prestigious museum somewhere around the world. Some paintings like the Van Goghs, Norman Rockwells or Edvard Munchs even go on tour around the world. But many artists also have back catalogues which routinely get sold at auction, and invariably find their way into secure self-storage to appreciate in value. Climate control ensures paintings are kept in pristine condition, far better than simply hanging it on a domestic wall.

7. Taxidermized Animals
It can be hard letting go of a beloved pet, so many people opt to have the animal taxidermized as a memory. But, for those same people, the image of a dead animal sitting around the house might be an eyesore. That’s why it’s not uncommon at all for taxidermized animals to stay in self-storage, where they’re owned but not put out for public display.

8. Mannequins
This one might not seem that unusual, that is until someone opens up their storage unit to see pairs of cold, empty eyes staring right back at them. Thankfully, nobody’s hoarding mannequins to raise an army against the living. But many organisers of fashion shows, particularly seasonal events, are going to need to keep their terrifying plastic bodies somewhere.

9. An entire home gym
Most people would never fathom going to a storage service for a workout. For those who own large pieces of gym equipment but have no space at home to install a shoulder press or a pull-up bar, a storage facility is the best place to leave the home gym until it’s ready to be used again. Or maybe it’s more for people who buy the equipment as a New Year’s Resolution and then never get around to using it?

With all these strange and unconventional objects stored in long term storage, you can be assured that no matter what you want taken care of, we’ve probably seen it before. We’re committed to providing cheap storage units Sydney residents can rely on.