Why Environmental Control is Important for Storage

If you’ve ever wondered what environmental control means when choosing a storage option, here are the benefits it provides for the preservation of your belongings

If you have furniture, collectibles or other possessions in long term storage, you’ve surely noticed the option for climate or environmental control. Put simply, this means that extra care is put into maintaining a stable temperature and humidity in your storage space. It is important to be aware if your belongings in long term storage does or does not require climate control, as you could be letting your possession deteriorate without proper servicing.

People most familiar with environmental control are the collectors and archivers of the world, who will surely know the damage a little bit of moisture or temperature can do to an otherwise well-preserved piece of memorabilia. For goods like paintings and other artworks, sculptures and painted goods, years of seasonal temperature changes can cause fading or for flecks of paint to fall off. Over a longer period of time, this culminates in noticeable damage to the object, and a sharp depreciation in value. The same is true for professional equipment such as musical instruments, sporting equipment and electronics, which can all suffer a drop in functionality due to improper climate control.

But you don’t have to be an art collector or a virtuoso to gain value from environmental control in long term storage. A common misconception is that climate control is merely a luxury option for people who want their belongings kept pristine. But there are additional benefits to climate control for long term storage of nearly any good. And sometimes the potential damage caused by lack of climate control is more than merely cosmetic.

Furniture in particular can suffer greatly if not stored if temperature and humidity are not kept in check. Wooden surfaces are stressed when they expand or contract due to temperature changes, and in extreme cases can become brittle and crack. Moisture can cause mildew to grow on leather surfaces if kept unchecked, and other pests such as silverfish may thrive in fabric surfaces left in uncontrolled humidity. Many people like to leave their belongings in long term, which might result in an unpleasant shock at just how damaged their possessions can get in a supposedly safe space without great environmental control for their space.

If you are using long term storage, especially in a location like Sydney which has a seasonal temperature differential as well as a period of high humidity each year, climate control can have a significant effect on the preservation of your property. So, unless you’re storing nothing but stainless steel and plastic, climate control is usually a worthwhile investment.

When hiring space with Cheap Sydney Storage, we put a great deal of care into our environmental control packages. We ensure that temperature, humidity and air circulation are kept constant so that your property is protected from anything which may befall it. Our affordable insurance packages give that extra peace of mind for your most valued belongings. So with a proper understanding of what climate control can do, be sure that you’re making the right decisions for your possessions.