Storage Security and Insurance


At cheapsydneystorage, we strongly believe in giving the customer peace of mind. This is why Cheap Sydney Storage facilities provide reliable and highly secure storage for our customers – whether you need storage for days, weeks, or years. We cater to individuals and businesses to store goods. Our storage warehouse is situated in a closely locked fenced area with 24/7 security guards, cameras and gates. This makes it the perfect place to store even your most valuable goods.  

We also strongly recommend removals and storage insurance. This covers you in the event of damage into or out of storage and also loss or damage in storage (e.g. flooding, theft etc). Your storage insurance can be purchased through or a third party insurance provider of your choice. Your items have no individual protection or cover in the event this insurance is not taken out. This is because legally, only companies with insurance licenses (insurance brokers) are allowed to provide insurance so we are unable to provide this service.