Do I Need A Car to Make Use of Storage Space?

Most storage units now offer a delivery service so that their spaces are more accessible to clients of different lifestyles and backgrounds.

You’ve probably seen a local storage service and assumed that it’s only useful for folks with large cars that can make drop-offs and pick-ups at the owner’s own pace. And it’s a fair assumption to make – most storage units look similar to rows of garages and are primarily self-service. But for people dwelling in inner Sydney who might not have access to a car, or who own a car too small to handle bulky items that they would nonetheless like to put into storage, mobile storage units are a simple and accessible solution.

Here’s how it works: our team owns a dedicated pick-up and drop-off vehicles, with pods specifically made for storage so that your belongings are not jostled or damaged along the way. You can arrange a time which is convenient for you, and on arrival, our team will help to load the property destined for storage, onto our vehicle. From there, we’ll take it straight to a secure location, so that you can have peace of mind knowing that you can retrieve your belongings at any time. You could either visit the storage location in person, or you could contact our friendly team for them to drive your belongings over to your nominated address.

Mobile storage unitsare commonly used by people in highly developed areas, where garages are uncommon and apartments do not offer much storage space. Having a storage unit affords flexibility to our clients, since they can hold onto their belongings securely without cluttering their homes. Our mobile storage units are also commonly used for moving to a new house, as we will happily hold onto furniture and deliver to a new address if needed – saving the potential cost hiring a moving truck.

Despite their convenience, we find that not too many people know about mobile storage units as an option for storage space, or for moving home. With our convenient location near the Sydney CBD, we’ve heard too many stories of people selling priceless belongings after having no space for them due to downsizing. Even if you don’t have a car, remember that secure long term storage is always going to be a convenient option.