The Top 10 Things People Store

Here are the most common items kept in long term storage. Rather than take up space around the house, secure storage would be a better home for these 10 objects.

1. Antiques
For valuables, especially one-of-a-kinds, which will only appreciate in value over time, secure self storage is a better option than leaving them lying about in the home. A good storage space will protect your antiques from deterioration from the elements while ensuring safety from theft or accidental damage.

2. Books
Books are valuable, but can take up plenty of space in a smaller living area. Many people prefer to keep their collection of books with monetary or sentimental value in long-term storage, so they are always easily accessible when it’s time for a re-read.

3. Clothing
Many people have clothing which can’t be worn at the moment, but is sure to see its day in the future. Maybe it’s extravagant formalwear you only get to use once in a blue moon, or heavy winter coats which are only appropriate for a few months of every year. Regardless, rather than letting these clothes clutter a wardrobe, many choose to leave in secure self-storage when they’re not needed.

4. Toys
Children grow out of toys quickly, but they might not be too happy with their parents throwing old toys away. Everyone has a little nostalgia for the things they played with when they were younger, which they choose to keep in secure storage. This goes especially for video game consoles, which quickly go out of circulation but can appreciate in value.

5. Seasonal items
If your house is known for its Christmas lights display or a swinging pool-and-patio party in the summer, it can be hard to store all the necessary equipment when it’s not being used. Long term self-storage is a great option to keep the objects which have their moments, but not all year round.

6. Furniture
For people who have downsized their living arrangements or need to reconfigure a room in their home, they may end up with furniture items which don’t quite fit anywhere, but they also don’t want to sell. Secure storage outlets offer ample space to keep furniture objects safe and pristine until they are ready to be used again.

7. Appliances
The same goes for home appliances, which people can’t fit into their current living arrangements. Washers and dryers, fridges, dishwashers as well as television sets all can be kept safely in long-term storage, so that when they are needed again, they are functioning just as they did before.

8. Sports/Hobby Equipment
Sports enthusiasts will know just how much space equipment can take – whether it’s a full set of softball bats and mitts, or an array of fishing equipment, it’s a lot of bulk to keep around the house. The same goes for musical instruments, artists’ easels or paintbrushes or gym equipment. For all these cases long term storage might be a good idea, as this will keep the expensive equipment in better condition than if it was left in a wardrobe.

9. Collectibles & Memorabilia
For sentimental objects which will certainly appreciate in value, secure storage is a must. Most collectors recognise that it’s far safer to invest in proper storage than to leave their collectibles lying about. This goes for everything from photo albums, trophies, promotional products and card or sticker collections.

10. Archives
People running a home business will know that transaction and documentation archives take up huge amounts of space, and can’t easily be thrown away. Rather than set up a collection of filing cabinets in your own home, secure storage is a good option to stow away important business documents for reference.